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BeijingDance/LDTX is China’s first officially registered professional modern dance company operating independently from the government. LDTX is an acronym for Lei Dong Tian Xia translated as “thunder rumbles the universe”. The company was co-founded by Willy TSAO and LI Han-zhong in 2005. Its dancers come from throughout China infusing individuality with exquisite technique, excellent creativity, and rich talents. The company has an extensive repertoire of works and has performed in over 20 countries and regions. LDTX frequently performs in China and in major international presentations and festivals. The company also organizes international cultural exchange platforms such as the Beijing Dance Festival. With ubiquitous coverage in creativity, performances, and promotional efforts, LDTX is devoted to present a carefree platform for the Chinese-origin dance artists to present their ideologies and sentiments, and to drive forward development of modern dance embracing multiple standpoints.

Around 200 thousand people watched more than 300 performances of LDTX.  The program All River Red has toured many countries and regions on 5 continents and become the immortal classic.
  • Year 2017
    LDTX continues on with performances of "Selfless Selfie", "Beyond the Cracks", "Circle 2: The Flow:" Serving to promote dance in China, the group has since performed in Beijing, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Guiyang where performance and the arts exchanges. In July, the group has successfully organized the Tenth annual Beijing Dance Festival; traveled to Poland, Germany and Israel to perform there.
  • Year 2016
    LDTX has established for more than 10 years, and performed around the world (more than 20 countries and regions).  LDTX as a significant art group for promoting the communication between world and China, has made many cultural transmissions and business performances in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Swaziland and the United States.
  • Year 2015
    Beijing Modern Dance Exhibition Festival has officially changed its name into Beijing Dance Festival.  Now it has developed to be the best international spectacular modern dance event in terms of scale, influence, participation of nations and people, and variations of content.
  • Year 2014
    “Young Choreographer Series” A Place  choreography by LIU Bin performed at LDTX Theater. Circle•Speeding choreography by ZI Wei performed on Beijing Dance Festival Opening Performance.
  • Year 2013
    SANG Ji-jia Layer Code & Artwork Dynamic WANG White – Night  Young Artist Autumnal Equinox at LDTX Theater
  • Year 2012
    The First Beijing Dance Festival, as the biggest dance activity was hosted.  It regarded Beijing as a center and extended to Guangzhou and Hongkong.  March and May, Awakening of Insects and Grain RainsBeijing/LDTX.
  • Year 2011
    January, Series of Spring Thunder 2011 Star Theater New Year Performance Season” at Star Theater No2.  Theater; May, 2011 Beijing Dance Forward Festival, Star Theater Spring Dance Performance Season.
  • Year 2010
    January, Hong Kong Beijing Dance Platform performed Between Lines at PLA Theater.  May, Standing Before Darkness, 3 rd Annual Beijing Dance Festival, National Centre For the Performing Arts.
  • Year 2009
    March, Beijing Jumping Frames Festival held at Ullens Contemporary Center of Art.  September, One Table N Chairs by Willy Tsao, Li Han-zhong and Ma Bo, “The 60 anniversary of the founding of PRC-LDTX Present” performed at Haidian Theater.  November,芸生, by Ma Shouze, in “国际平台专场演出” at Haidian Theater.
  • Year 2008
    The 1st Annual Beijing Dance Festival, Rehearsal and Performance, by Li Han-zhong and Ma Bo performed at Tiaoqiao Theatre.
  • Year 2007
    Unspeakable, SANG Ji-jia October, The Pseudo Eagle, ZI Wei, Haidian Theater
  • Year 2006
    The art executive director Li Han-zhong and the actor Ma Bo launched the first program  The Cold Dagger  after the establishment of LDTX.  September,  Snail 2 choreography by Xu Yiming and Song Tingting, performed at Oriental Pioneer Theater.
  • Year 2005
    Establish China’s first professional modern dance company operating independently from the government.  LDTX Dance Center promotes modern dance in China.


北京雷动天下现代舞团、 香港城市当代舞蹈团艺术总监





1979   曹诚渊先生香港创办了第一个专业现代舞团——城市当代舞蹈团,并从1989年开始担任该团的艺术总监至今

1987-1992   被邀请担任广东舞蹈学校现代舞大专班的教师及顾问

1988   荣获香港艺术家联盟「舞蹈家年奖」

1990   荣获「香港十大杰出青年」

1992   出任广东现代舞团的艺术总指导(由广东省政府成立的中国第一个专业现代舞团)

1993   荣获「英女皇荣誉奖章」

1998   荣获「路易·卡地亚卓越成就奖——舞蹈设计家」及2014年由香港舞蹈联盟颁发的「杰出成就奖」

1999   荣获香港特区政府颁发「铜紫荆星章」以赞扬其对当地艺术发展的重大贡献

1999-2005   出任北京现代舞团艺术总监职位

2005   创建中国第一个体制之外的独立现代舞团——北京雷动天下现代舞团,并出任该团艺术总监至今

2014   荣获香港舞蹈联盟颁发「杰出成就奖」







1987-1991   就读于北京舞蹈学院,毕业后留校任教

1993   加入广东现代舞团

1999   加入北京现代舞团

2005   作为雷动天下建团演员,担任舞团编导和艺术总监助理





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