Rehearsal & Performances

Duration70 minutes

ChoreographersLi Han-zhong & MA Bo

Light and Stage: Godzilla TAN

MusicEarth and the Great Weather by John Adams, Arbos by Arvo PÄRT,

Dérives by René Aubry, Quasi una Fantasia by Henryk Górecki


Rehearsal & Performances was premiered in May 16, 2008. Beijing Tianqiao Theatre.


Rehearse…perform…rehearse…perform… It is my life, my happiness, my worries, my community, and my solitude. I am 40 years old. No longer a young, agile, dancer. Is my body aging or my skill maturing? Should I abandon this “youthful work”? I don’t know. But the stage, the studio, the dressing room--I am infatuated with every part. I chose to persevere. After all, dance to me is not an exhausted body but a rejuvenated soul”


Straying from their previous works that focus on profound motifs, Li Hanzhong and Ma Bo delve into the personal: 20-years of dancing. They present dancer’s natural state both on and off stage. In their latest Rehearsal and Performance: At Odds Li and Ma seamlessly fluctuate between reality and imagination. Using their characteristic sleek and powerful movements to tell their story -- the only story they truly know -- the story of dancers, choreographers, athletes, artists and performers.


"PerformanceAt Odds reflected not only the choreographer’s persistence of his artistry, but also his willingness to share his anguish and joy with the audience."  ———— Dancing Beijing


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