Cold Arrow – Game of Weiqi (Go)

Duration: 70 minutes

Choreographers: Li Han-zhong & MA Bo

Costume: ZHAO Jiapei

Stage & Lighting : Godzilla TAN(Malaysia)

Music: “Darkwood” composed and performed by David Darling


Cold Arrow – Game of Weiqi (Go) was premiered in June 1, 2006, at Beijing Oriental Pioneer Theater.


We are all trapped in besieged fortresses, constantly faced with choices and struggles.

We react differently as we encounter the unexpected and unknown, and that’s exactly how the world maintains its bewitching patterns of balance.

Cold Arrow – Game of Weiqi (Go) is an explosive staging of confrontation and humanity. This evening-length work plays with the Chinese idiom that likens life to a game of chess, wherein dancers act as life-sized pieces in an intricately choreographed match of the traditional chinese weiqi (go) game. Set to a score that is both contemplative and unpredictable, composed by the maverick cellist David Darling, the work is a mesmerizing look at the "game of life"--in which piece and player, strategy and sacrifice, and cause and effect are shown to be one and the same. 


"Dancers jumped and gave themselves to the mother earth, broke out instantaneously and land safely. Every moment trances audience – fatal struggling or just danger in dream.”————Dance Magazine China

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