• Very Slow

    Duration: 25 minutes

    Choreography: ZI Wei

    Music: music clip

    Lighting: Gozilla TAN

  • Recall-Harbor& Jall

    Duration: 5 minutes

    Choreography/Dancer:HU Shenyuan

    Music: Sundtrack Schindler’s Lis Consummation by Yun Duo

    Lighting: Gozilla TAN

  • Passage of Time

    Duration: 12 minutes

    Choreography: ZHENG Zhi Music: Alicia KEYS; As I Am Intro Edvin Marton String ‘n’ Bests-Fire Dance, John POWELL Assassin’s Tango, Olafur ARNALDS Found Songs-Erla’s Waltz

    Lighting: Gozilla TAN

  • South Street

    Duration: 5 minutes

    Choreography/Dancer:LIU Yintao

    Music: Soundtrack of the Girl Who Leapt through Time

    Lighting: Gozilla TAN

  • Nuo Ri Lang

    Duration: 20 minutes

    Choreography: LIU Yifeng

    Music: ZHANG Xiaofu

    Video: MA Ge

    Lighting: Gozilla TAN

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