Between Line

Duration65 minutes

ChoreographersLI Han-zhong & MA Bo

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Set design: GUO Yin

Costume: ZHANG Yi and FAN Xiaoling ( QUEENREE Studio)

Music: Dehli 9 by Tosca and Stream by Philip Chambon


Between line was premiered in January 10, 2010, at PLA Theatre.

For the past 15 years, the internationally acclaimed choreographic duo, Ma Bo and Li Hanzhong, have been praised for their uniquely recognizable, strong, sleek, and defiant style. They are known for their dramatic movement and simple sets. In this performance they have created a new kind of choreography, pushing their own personal boundaries to sculpt pure movement set to a peaceful score and framed by a fantastical stage design. This work is a chance for the choreographers to explore a new aesthetic sensibility and continue to reinvent their artistic style. 


"Between Lines presents a magnificent stage."———Global Times


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