Resident Artists

SONG Ting-ting


Resident Artist

SONG Ting-ting born in Shanghai, SONG Ting-ting graduated from Shanghai Dance School in 1999 enrolled in Shanghai Normal University Schoolof Art Dance Department the same year. While studying, she became a dance teacher at Shanghai Normal University Secondary School in 2000. In 2001 after graduation, SONG moved to Beijing to study modern dance and the following year joined the Beijing Moder Dance Company.  In 2005, she became founding members of BeijingDance/LDTX and is now its resident artist.  In 2008. SONG received a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Capital Normal University.

SONG has many years of modern dance experience and has performed a wide range of works such as: "All River Red”, “Backlight", “Cold Arrow – Game of Go (Weigo)", "Unspeakable", "Pre-destinedDarkness”, “In Search of GrandviewGarden”.  Her major choreographies include: "Snail", "Goodbye Snail", "October", " Sky", "9.192.631.770", “Tears", "Lost Love", "52 Hz".  SONG won the special award from the Third Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition Foundation.

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