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「Master Class」Profile
  • Javier GUERRERO (ES)
    Javier GUERRERO studied at Université Extremadura and received a degree in Human Studies in 2006, and at Institut del Teatre majoring in choreography and contemporary dance in 2016. He founded his company in 2012. GUERRERO is particularly interested in creations and artistic re-search & development on personal language in dance which aims at understanding reality and para-digm of the contemporary world. GUERRERO received numerous awards in many national and in-ternational choreography competitions.
  • Richard CAUSER (AU)
    Richard CAUSER graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) from Australia’s Queensland Uni-versity of Technology (QUT) in 2004. In 2006, CAUSER joined Expressions Dance Company (EDC), touring extensively throughout Australia and internationally to China, Taiwan, South Korea, and the USA. He earned nominations for Most Outstanding Male Dancer at the Australian Dance Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2017, and a Helpmann Award in 2011. CAUSER moved to London in 2012 working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher with dance companies and independent artists touring throughout the UK, Europe, India, Singapore and South Korea. He returned to Australia and EDC in 2016.
    CAUSER’s Choreographic credits include works for the Malaysian Dance Festival, the Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts, numerous works for EDC and QUT, the Third Row Dance Company (UK), the Centre of Advanced Training (UK), the Inky Cloak Theatre Company (UK), and the Raw Moves Dance Company (Singapore). He teaches workshops in contemporary technique, partnering, improv-isation and choreography. CAUSER has taught and continues to teach his contemporary dance workshops nationally and internationally to professional dance companies, festivals, training schools and aspiring dance communities. He has been nominated for a fourth time for the ‘Most Outstanding Male Dancer’ award at the upcoming 2018 Australian Dance Awards for his role in Natalie Weir’s Behind Closed Doors.
  • Daniele NINARELLO (IT)
    Daniele NINARELLO attended Rotterdam Dance Academy. He has worked with many international choreographers and companies such as Bruno Listopad and Virgilio Sieni. NINARELLO has been invited to perform in many festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in Paris, Torinodanza and Interplay Festival in Turin, Operaestate Festival, Fabbrica Eu-ropa, Bolzano Danza, Romaeuropa Festival, Thêatre National Tunisien. NINARELLO’s woks have received many recognitions including NID Platform in Italy, Aerowaves in Spain and CCNR Relliuex-La-Pape in France.
  • Mauro DE CANDIA (DE)
    Mauro DE CANDIA was born in Barletta, Italy and started dancing very early in life. At the age of 10, he was discovered during a ballet competition in Verona by Marika Besobrasova, founder and direc-tor of Academy of Danse Classique Princesse Grace in Monaco. She offered him a scholarship, and from then on, DE CANDIA attended classes in Monte Carlo every summer. He also spent short peri-ods studying at the school of the Ballet Company of La Scala in Milan and the Rudra-school of Maurice Béjart in Lausanne. Under the John Gilpin Scholarship, DE CANDIA completed his dance education in 1998 at the Académie in Monaco. In 2001, DE CANDIA joined Ballett der Staatsoper Hannover as a danc-er, and in 2003, he became a guest choreographer.
    DE CANDIA has worked with many dance companies throughout the world, such as the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium, Staatsballett Berlin and TanzTheater Braunschweig in Germany, Arena di Verona and MaggioDanza in Italy, Opera Nova Bydgoszcz in Poland and Milwaukee Ballet in the US Since 2012, DE CANDIA has been an Artistic Director of Dance Company Theater Osnabrück in Germany.
  • Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben (NL/IL)
    Before the Israeli Uri Ivgi and the Dutch Johan Greben first collaborated, each had started a suc-cessful career as a choreographer during their dance careers with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the Dutch National Ballet respectively. Ivgi won the Upcoming Choregraphic Talent award from the Ministry of Culture in Israel. Greben received the Encouragement Award for Chore-ography from the Amsterdam Foundations of the Arts for his first choreographic work.
    Since their first collaboration in 2003, Ivgi & Greben successfully created works for Ballett am Rhein, DE; Dansgroep Amsterdam, NL; Introdans, NL; It dansa, ES; Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, SKR; Modern Dance Turkey, TR; National Theatre Ballet, CZ; Phoenix Dance Theatre, GB; Provincial Dances Theatre, RU; Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre, PL; Scottish Dance Theatre, GB; Skânes Dansteater and Norrdans, SE; Scapino Ballet, NL; Szegedi Kortárs Balett, HU, and Tanzkompanie Konzert Theat Bern, CH. In 2011 Ivgi & Greben won The Golden Mask Award in Moscow for 'This Is Not A love Song', created for Provincial Dances Theatre, Russia.
  • Elías AGUIRRE (ES)
    Elías AGUIRRE obtained a Bachelor degree in Arts from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Mas-ters degree in Performing Arts from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He teaches regularly in Spain and abroad in Argentina, Israel, La Réunion, Netherlands, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, USA, and Vi-etnam. AGUIRRE founded his company in 2009 and has served as the Spanish representative attending and performing in the festivals across the five continents. He has received various awards such as First Prize at the American-Iberian Alicia Alonso Martínez Contest (2010) and First Prize in the New York Burgos Contest and Finalist in the Choreography Competition in Madrid.
  • Bulareyaung (Taitung, CN)
    Bulareyaung PAGARLAVA is from the Paiwan community of Jialan Village in Taiwan. At the age of 12 he knew he must become a dancer; he created his first choreographic work while studying at the Dance Department of Taipei National University. After graduation, PAGARLAVA joined Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan as a dancer and began touring internationally. He has been commissioned by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre 2 and the Martha Graham Dance Com-pany to create works. With the support of the Lo Man Fei Dance Fund, PAGARLAVA returned to his home village and founded Bulareyaung Dance Company in 2014, sowing a seed of dance on the eastern front of the island. PAGARLAVA keeps pursuing his dream by going back home to find what he lost when he left.
    Born in Laos, Olé KHAMCHANLA began studying Hip-hop and varieties of dance such as contemporary, Capoeira, Butoh in 1990 and developed his own unique style. In his choreography, he often integrates dif-ferent dance styles such as Hip-hop, Southeast Asian Ethnic dance and Butoh, and experiments on the incorporation of other performing art forms such as drama, singing, painting, and filming. Although maybe facing different cultures due to different places but of common medium and topics, KHAMCHANLA ex-plores on the essence of human beings, reflects on the meanings of individual existence and attempts to resolve the difficulties people’s exchanges.
  • Inbal PINTO (IL)
    Inbal PINTO is Artistic Director/Choreographer/Director of Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company. Born in Israel in 1969, PINTO studied graphic arts at The Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In 1994 she joined The Bat Sheva Dance Company. In 1990, PINTO began her career as a choreog-rapher. She directed, choreographed and designed stage and costumes for dance performances, as well as operas and musicals. In 2000, PINTO won a Bessie - the New York Dance and Performance Award - for her creation Wrapped. In 2000, she was given Israel’s Ministry of Culture Award for Dance and the Tel Aviv Municipal Award for her artistic achievements.
  • Dominic Wong (HK CN)
    Dominic WONG was a TV artist prior to studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). After graduating from HKAPA in 1996, he joined City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) as a dancer, and was promoted to Assistant Artistic Director in 2016. WONG received the Hong Kong Dance Award of “Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer” for his performances in Plaza X in 2000, and in The Comedy of K in 2012. His major choreographies include Men’s Chop Suey, E.Y.T., Xtremely Four Seasons, What’s Next, Punk Side Story, Blind Chance, Second Thoughts, Travelogue (previous title: Little Pieces) and The Little Prince, a program of the 2007 International Arts Carnival. Xtremely Four Seasons and What’s Next were both hailed by the Hong Kong daily English newspaper, South China Morning Post, as one of the “Best Dances” of the year. Travelogue was awarded the “Outstanding Medium Venue Production” award at the 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards. WONG’s choreography is daringly innovative and possesses a rich diversity of styles, from comedic all the way through to sophisticated. WONG has been invited to stage his choreography at the Beijing Dance Festival and Guangdong Dance Festival.


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