Beijing Dance Festival



Choreography: Fouad BOUSSOUF 

Massala Dance Company (FR)

Performance Date/Time: July 28st, 2019 (Sun) 17:00

Performance Venue: Studio Theatre, Beijing Tianqiao Performance Arts Center

Inspired by the lyrics of North African band Nass el Ghiwane, choreographer Fouad BOUSSOUF created Näss on exploring the cross-cultural influences of North African dance and contemporary hip hop.


First there is rhythm, the sounds of immemorial time, unceasing and obsessive. From this rhythm seven male dancers come together, mixing hip hop and traditional dance patterns.  Its vibrant communion takes you to the streets of Morocco where modernity and traditions meet which makes the hip hop dance unique.

Company Introduction:

Massala Dance Company was founded by Fouad BOUSSOUF in 2006.  Since then, BOUSSOUF has created seve­ral multi-disciplinary programs such as Zoom, Deviation, Témoin(s), A Condition, Afflux, Concept Lavoir, Transe, The Elements, Esperluette, Le Moulin du Diable, and Näss.  The company’s performances have received critical acclaim in France, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, the Middle-East and North Africa.

Web site:www.massala.fr



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