Beijing Dance Festival

Six Stories

Six Stories

Concept: HUANG Chun-jun

Good Dance Centre (Nanning), NEXT Modern Dance Company (Nanchang), Gardenfield Concept Dance Company (Changde)

Performance Date/Time: July 26th, 2019 (Fri) 17:00

Performance Venue: Studio Theatre, Beijing Tianqiao Performance Arts Center

Be it emotions or desires, be it you or me, our stories will touch on a common ground, and that is time.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…… Sunday, repeats from beginning.


Monday: Companionship

Tuesday: Nostalgia

Wednesday: Goldfish

Thursday: Satisfaction

Friday: Division

Saturday: Shut down

Sunday: Epilogue

Company Introduction:

Good Dance Centre/GuWu Theater was established in 2001 as the combination of Guwu and DianDian Corridor groups.  It has presented more than 10 dedicated special performances and created more than 30 original works, crosses among multimedia, drama, site specific performances connecting traditional culture and contemporary arts.  The group has been invited to perform and received acclaims in Beijing and Guangdong Dance Festivals, Hong Kong’s Fringe Festival, Busan International Dance Festival.  Its Lost Track received Excellence Prize from Tel-Aviv and Yokohama Dance Collection, and M-cident received the Outstanding Achievement in Independent Production from 2014 Hong Kong Dance Award.

Next Modern Dance Company, co-founded by XU Shui-liang and ZHONG Lin in 2007, has been dedicated to education and promotion of contemporary dance in the Nanchang Jiangxi area.  It has since created many contemporary dance special performances and has been invited to perform in festivals in Seoul and Busan of South Korea, Singapore, Fukuoka Japan, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Hunan, and Guangxi.  Its major works include: Asking Chan, The Trail, Moss on Stones, Too late to say goodbye, Dual, Di zi gui, A world of sand and one, Four seasons.

Gardenfield Concept Dance Company was established in 2016, charged with artistic direction of creating original works to develop and promote contemporary dance in the Changde Hunan area. The group has been invited to perform in South Korea New Dance Festival, Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival, Macao City Fringe Festival, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Shenzhen Bay Fringe Festival, Beijing and Guangdong Dance Festivals, Busan Dance Festival.  Its major works include: Migrants, Fragmented Memories, Unorderly Connection, Loveletters, Goldfish, I Love Balls.

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