Beijing Dance Festival

00:01, Virtual Lotus, Shambhala


Choreography: GENG Zi-bo (SH)

Virtual Lotus

Choreography: Ergao

Stella & Artists (MO) In collaboration with Ergao Dance Production Group (GZ)


Choreography: Padma

Orsay Space (Dali)

Performance Date/Time: July 25th, 2019 (Thurs) 17:00

Performance Venue: Studio Theatre, Beijing Tianqiao Performance Arts Center


Choreography: GENG Zi-bo (SH)

I meet myself at the last zero zero one second of the darkness before sunrise.  With war, friendship, hopes and thoughts as the overall concept, 00:01 is a two-men dance on a truck tire.

Choreographer Introduction:

GENG Zi-bo is an independent choreographer, dancer graduated from Shanghai Academy of Drama with a Masters in Choreography. He has received various awards include: One of 10 choreographers invited to participate in 15th Ragenzburg International Aids Gala in Germany, Choreography Award in 11th Seoul International Choreography Competition, Bronze award in 30th Hannover International Choreography Competition, top 10 finalists of Zhejian TV’s Chinese version of “So You Think You Can Dance”. GENG was executive choreographer for Valley of the Wind, Wolf, Soul of the Mountain, Southern Red Beans, Couples River, Nine Colors Deer, Shambhala, 2017 Cyprus Moving lmages International  Dance Micro Film Festival The Kitchen, and 2018 French Des Arts Des Cinés Dance Film Jury Award Gatha.


Virtual Lotus

Choreography: Ergao

Stella & Artists (MO) In collaboration with Ergao Dance Production Group (GZ)

Virtual Lotus is a tailor-made work for the three dancers of the group with a theme relating to living in Macao.  Choreographer Ergao utilizes the concept and symbol of Lotus, the city flower of Macao, to look at today’s society under the impact of virtual reality on how our body connects with this symbolic lotus.  Would it be as a flowy cloud or would it be full of dotted noises?

Company Introduction:

Founded in 2012, Stella & Artists is a contemporary dance company in Macao which aims to promote culture of Chinese dance while taking inspirations from our daily living and incorporating them into the dance creation. The group endeavors to promote dance education and cultural exchange between Macao and other places through active collaborations.  Stella & Artists enhances dance and cultural development of Macao and has organized dancers in Macao to participate in performances and exchange activities in Lisbon, Brisbane, Seoul and Daejeon, and Beijing, Guangzhou, Guizhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, and Zhuhai.

Web site:www.stellanartists.com


Academic Consultant: Dr. WANG Wei


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Padma Dance Company (Dali)

Shambhala is about choreographer Padmas childhood memories of his ethnic identity exploring on the concept of metempsychosis in Tibetan Buddhism, taking the audience to the spiritual realm of Shambhala.  The performance combines Tibetan classical dance, folk dance, fete dance and contemporary dance, with live performance of Temple City sand painting, sketching not only the simplicity of body lines and movements, but also presenting the authentic scene of Tibetan. 

Company Introduction:

Orsay Space is a private dance company established in 2013 by Padma (Wanma Jiancuo) upon his return from US. The company dancers and members consists of Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchu and Hui ethnicities living in a harmonious, united, sincere, wise and acquiescent ambience. The group’s creations assimilate elements from the various traditional and ethnic cultures and dance while combining these with concepts in contemporary arts.



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