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Stored Value Card (Points System)
Types* 1-Point25-Points 50-Points 75-Points 100-Points 125-Points 150-Points 175-Points 200-Points
Regular Student 10.009.609.609.509.409.409.009.008.90
Price per Class ¥150¥144¥144¥143¥141¥141¥135¥135¥134
Types* 225-Points 250-Points 300-Points 350-Points 400-Points 450-Points 500-Points 550-Points 600-Points
Regular Student 8.908.808.608.608.508.508.408.408.30
Price per Class ¥134¥132¥129¥129¥128¥128¥126¥126¥125
Types* 625-Points 650-Points 675-Points 700-Points 725-Points 750-Points 1000-Points 2000-Points
Regular Student 8.308.308.308.
Price per Class ¥125¥125¥125¥123¥123¥123¥120¥114

*Dance Inspirations Member: Less 10%.

China Dancers Association: Less 5%.

Group discount (>=5 persons): Less 5% per person.

Payment of Enrollment is non-refundable.

Discount is applied to only one of offerings and only be used by the individual purchaser.

Points purchased are provided for sole usage of the specified Store Value Card owner, can not be shared nor transferred.

Please report to office if card is lost.


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