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Cleaner of Time

《Gleaner of Time》

Choreography:LIU Bin

Music:Han ZIMMER, Hilary HAHN, Hauschka, Daniel PEMBERTON, Joep BEVING, Chalee TENNISON, Nobel Music ASMR, Lady & Bird

Light:Joy CHEN

Costume:LIU Bin

Dancers:CHEN Zuo, DING Zhen-yan, FENG Xiao-ming, HUANG Siang, JIANG Yi-fang, JIANG Yu-hui, LIN Yi-yu, MA Yue, PENG Jun-ning, SHI Yao-jia, YI Fan, ZHANG Xue-feng, ZUO Yue-yun



LDTX Theater

户外大灯箱《拾光者》_2330x1230mm(H)_3011 2.jpg


截屏2021-12-14 下午5.20.39.png

Under the bright sun, all one can hear is the heavy breathing and the heart throbbing after a run.


Hello, how are you?


Tracks keep on duplicating, sand keeps on storming. A beautiful arc appears but falling into the river of the age through time.


Then everything returns to its normalcy…





Born in Shanxi Province, China, LIU Bin graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy majored in Folk Dance.  In 2001, he joined Beijing Modern Dance Company and in 2005 became a founding member of BeijingDance/LDTX.  From 2009 to 2014, he was a freelance dancer and choreographer.  Since 2015, LIU became one of resident artists of BeijingDance/LDTX.

LIU’s works is characterized with smoothness, multiple styles and rich in creativity.  He has received numerous choreography awards across China and abroad.  LIU has toured with LDTX to more than 10 countries throughout Asia, Europe, America and Australia, and attended various major arts festivals including: Dance Art Festival (Korea), Taipei Arts Festival (China Taiwan), Hong Kong Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival of Art (Australia), Montreal Festivals (France), Art Brussels (Belgium), Dance Salad Festival (USA), Holland Arts Festival, International May Festival (Germany), and Festival d’Avignon (France).

LIU’s major contemporary works include: Snail Ⅱ, October, Sky, A Place, Ephemeral Shadow, 9.192.631.770,60w.



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