White Lotus·Black Sand

Duration: 60minutes|

Choreography: Willy TSAO Sing Yuan, MA Bo,Mitul SENGUPTA, (Ronnie) Shambik GHOSE

|Music:Dishari CHAKRABORTY, Bernard DSOUZA, Munnu SHAW

|Lighting: Oindrilla DUTT, LI Jun-long

|Costume: Paromita BANERJEEM

An Indo-Chinese collaboration between China’s BeijingDance LDTX and India’s Rhythmosaic-Sengupta Dance Company to celebrate 65th year of Panchsheel Treaty, Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, between India and China.


White Lotus·Black Sand showcases a combination of Kathak (one of Indian classical dance), Taichi and various contemporary dance movements, reflecting the similarity and also diversity of the two countries.

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