Walks of Life

Duration80 minutes

ChoreographyMA Shou-ze

Costume designer: Galina Mihaleva

Stage: Saskia Jorda

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music: An Index of Metals


Walks of Life was premiered in January 28, 2009. Beijing Haidian Theatre.


alks of Life explores the relationship between the intellectual and the natural world. The choreographer separates the work into two sections. The first part is framed by an earthy natural scene, in which dancers use physical and grounded movement and wear representational costumes intertwined with plant-liked ornamentation. This section represents the birth of life. In the second part, the scene transforms to a more pedestrian and societal-driven environment and the movements transition from “super-realism to “realism”. The choreographer focuses on expressing his reflection of Samsara, the endless circle of death and rebirth, by revealing the relationship between human and nature.


Walks of life had demonstrated the philosophy of the East.” ————China Youth Daily

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