Beyond the Horizon

Duration: 25 minutes

Choreography: Jacek PRZYBYLOWICZ

Lighting: LI Jun-long

Music: J. S. Bach, Claude Debussy, Anda Union

Dancers: LI Ke-hua, FAN Lu, JIN Xiao-lin, LIU Lang, TIAN Ru-meng, SUN Meng-yao, SUN Rui, MA Yue, LIU Xue-fang, YAN Han-yi, YUAN Zhe-lun, LIU Yang, FENG Xiao-ming, HAO Ying


Beyond the Horizon was premiered on 23 October 2016.


They walked and looked afar.

They dreamed about the house that was still on the shore.

They passed by some countries and lands which smelt of greens.

They walked and wept with joy.

Returning home to the place of their happy childhood with eternal youth.


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