A Place

Duration: 75 minutes

Choreography: LIU Bin

Music: MAO Liang

Lighting: LOW Shee-HoeMalaysia

Video: GUAN Hang-yu

Costume: WANG Yan


A Place was premiered in May.16.2014 BeijingDance/LDTX Theater.

LDTX is glad to invite LIU Bin to stage a new work, A Place, for the Company. LIU Bin had been a veteran dancer with LDTX, and while as a dancer, had already created many fabulous dance works, including Snail 2, October, Sky and See. LIU Bin is considered one of the most talented dance artists of our time for his delicate dancing skill and artistic sensitivity.


For the past 5 years, LIU Bin has been touring and working around the world and A Place is the first full length dance production specially created on LDTX. The theme is memory, with reference of the present. The choreographer subtly induces LDTX dancers to reflect and recreate some of the most memorable moments in their lives. Their memory represents the past and precious, but at the same time, ponders upon the complexity of present living situation. The production is filled with breath taking images and imageries, and the avande-garde stage setting will definitely enlarge and enhance the appreciation of the dance.

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