Treading On Grass

Duration: 30 minutes

Choreographers: LI Hanzhong & MA Bo

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music: The Firebird by Igor STRAVINSKY

Costume: WANG Yan


Treading on grass was premiered in Jul 21, 2013. PLA Theatre.

Treading on Grass was specially created for the opening performance of the Beijing Dance Festival 2013. The work is inspired by the piano version of STRAVINSKY’s Fire Bird premiered in 1910. As a sequel to the masterpiece, All River Red, by the same choreographers, Treading on Grass continues the dialogue between the traditional and the innovative, and permeates a sense of tranquility as the artists becomes more seasoned.

"It is a work full of Chinese cultural meanings.The Choreographers have presented it in such a casual manner that their artistry stuns us.”  - China Dance Magazine

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