Whispering Wind

Duration: 30 minutes

Choreography: LIU Yifeng

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music: Varied

Dancers: MA Bo, ZUO Yan, LIAO Sidi, SONG Tingting, HONG Lin, ZHAO Kexin,CUI Tao, ZI Wei, LIU Bin, LIANG Yu, LIU Yifeng, XU Yiming, SHEN Jun,LIU Chang.


See was premiered in January 26,2008. Beijing Haidian Theatre.


How wonderful my body feels when it is surrounded in wind: I am free to release my truths. The wind is both my happiness and sorrow, it dances endlessly, under the crystal blue sky...


The audience had witnessed the fullest creativity of the new generation in dance.”  - Dance Magazine

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