Faded Monologue

Duration: 80 minutes

Choreography: MA Bo

Live Singger: Sen

ProducerLI Han-Zhong

Stage: GUO Xin

Lighting: LI Jun-Long

Video: Blackbow Creative Design Instituion Co,Ltd

Costume: Wang Yan, ZHU Di-Li

Sound Effects: MAO Liang


Faded Monologue was premiered in July.24.2015 PLA Theater.


Faded Monologue, a realism work of dance, is specially created for the opening of Beijing Dance Festival by MA Bo, the well-known choreographer from BeijingDance/LDTX.

Tener” and “sentimental” are not always suitable words to describe women in an era where women are mainly praised for their toughness. How many of these women who are considered strong can be their true selves?


In Faded Monologue, the choreographer is searching for a pure spiritual territory where she will exposereality, explore humanity, and express her inner world with sense and sensibility.

Music that used in Faded Monologue is from albums of LudovicoEinaudi, Hildur Guðnadóttir and Zoe keating.

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