Thirteen Singletons

Duration: 30 minutes

Choreographers: LI Hanzhong & MA Bo

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music: Alberto LGLESIAS

Dancers: All the LDTX Dancers


Thirteen singletons was premiered in January 6, 2007. Beijing Haidian Theatre.


13 far different, disconnected cards cannot become pairs without the "one".

13 strangers bear all different stories and thoughts, delight or melancholy. They seem to look for the "one", too.

The "one" is there. But they simply look around and wait in vain. Do they just ignore it or are they unwilling to admit it?

Is the missing "one" as unique as irreplaceable?


Thirteen dancers had performed this new and unique dance with distinctive personalities and exquisite techniques.”    - People’s Daily Overseas Edition

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