Dream Boutique

Dream Boutique



LDTX Theater

Choreography:ZHANG Xue-feng

Dramaturgy: LI Yi-ge

Drama Direction: ZHU Jin-liang

Music Editing: WU Mi

Ligthting: Joy CHEN

Dancers: CHEN Zuo, DING Zhen-yan, FENG Xiao-ming, GAO Rong, HUANG Sing, JIANG Yi-fang, JIANG Yu-hui, LIN Yi-yu, MA Yue, PENG Jun-ning, SHI Yao-jia, YI Fan, ZUO Yue-yun

Prog duration: 70 mins

⌈At the Dream Boutique⌋

This is where we help you to plan your dream and to make it come true.

However, if you ever feel bored and disappointed, and want to give up, this is where we can buy back your dream with a high price.

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Choreography:ZHANG Xue-feng

Born in Baotou of Inner Mongolia Province.  Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy majored in Modern Dance Choreography.  He joined Singapore's Dance Ensemble Singapore (DES) Arts Company in 2012, and Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2014.  His choreography Day of Paradise was the closing program of the 2016 Beijing Dance Festival.  He joined the BeijingDance/LDTX as a dancer in 2017.

His major choreographies include: Impressions, Realization, Nocturne, Strive, The Story of ZhouPing,Eyes, Song of Pipa, Cold as Autumn Frost, Feel, Stay, Bolero, Mr Shadow, Days of Paradise, One Light One Person, Tiny Story, Traveller, One Year Seven Months and Six Days, Curtain call, Grayish Fireworks.


Dramaturgy: LI Yi-ge

Dramaturge and playwright of Meng Jinghui Drama Studio. LI graduated from Communication University of Zhejiang majored in drama, movie and playwright.


Drama Direction: ZHU Jin-liang

Graduated from Communication University of China School of Drama and Cinema majored in Performance.  He was a guest teacher at alma mater and at Beijing Film Academy.  ZHU was a playwright, director and actor at the 2021 & 2022 CCTV’s “There is a lot in life”.

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