Duration: 45minutes

Choreography: CUI Tao

Costume: CUI Tao

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music: Original Soundtrack from LU Chuan’s “Ke Ke Si Li”

Additional music: CUI Jian, “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March”


Pilgrimage was premiered in May 5, 2006. Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall. 

Emblematic of our unique and individual life journeys, Pilgrimage opens with dancers walking shoulder to shoulder toward a seemingly similar destination. As the dance progresses, each performer’s route is altered as they interact, falter or forge ahead, ultimately following their own path. Pilgrimage features music by the Beijing-based “father of Chinese rock” guitarist, songwriter and composer Cui Jian.


"The dancers walked constantly from the stage entrance to the exit. Although movements reflect various moods that ranged from indifferent to gentle, and to passionate, the general atmosphere was subdued and tranquil, reflecting a philosophical touch on the never ending flow of humanity.”   – Dance Information Journal

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