Three Blank Episodes

Three Blank Episodes

Premiere:2020.12.18-19 (Fri, Sat)


LDTX Theater

Choreography: ZI Wei

Music: Nitin SAWHNEY, Stephan MICUS, Nils FRAHM, Dustin O’HALLORAN, The Evpatoria Report, L’attirail

Lighting: Joy CHEN

Costume: XING Ya-meng


So Hollow

FENG Xiao-ming, GAO Rong, HAO Ying, HUANG Xiang, JIANG Yi-fang, MA Yue, SHI Qiang, SHI Yao-jia, TIAN Ru-meng, WU Mi, YANG Ye-jun, YI Fan, ZHANG Xue-feng

Very slow

FENG Xiao-ming, GAO Rong, HAO Ying, HUANG Xiang, JIANG Yi-fang, MA Yue, SHI Yao-jia, TIAN Ru-meng, YI Fan

Extremely Simple

All dancers



截屏2020-12-16 下午3.44.16.png

Three Blank Episodes is the latest choreography by LDTX’s resident artist ZI Wei.  It composes of three sections: So Hollow, Very Slow, Extremely Simple. Each section relates to a specific core of the movement - the space, the time, and the substance. The seemingly varied imageries and textures of the three sections are all directed to the choreographer’s ultimate minimalistic aestheticism.


Through huddling of bodies, we see the vastness in space; through flowing of energy, we sense the stillness of time; through repetition of movement, we discover the pureness of substance. ZI Wei reflects his creative thoughts upon having room-for thoughts, and subsequently re-examines the relationship between body movements and space, and time and the substance within.




ZI Wei

Resident Artist

ZI Wei was born in Ordos of Mongolian ethnicity.  He studied at the Yilan School of Art in 1994, joined the Inner Mongolia Erdos Song and Dance Troupe in 1998, the Beijing Modern Dance Group in 2000, and became a founding member of BeijingDance/LDTX in 2005.  ZI Wei choreography is rich in intricacy and fluidity.  He has toured with the company in more than 20 cities and regions throughout Asia, Europe, America and Australia, and has performed in festivals in Singapore, Brussels, America’s Fall and Dance Salad, Sans Palos in Brazil, Wiesdan in May in Germany, Chinese Year Arts Festival in Rome Italy, and Cervantes International Art in Mexico.  ZI Wei’s major choreographies include: Floating, Looks like an Eagle, Excerpts, Very Slow, Circle, Fountain in modern dance, and Wind of the Sky, Chang Song in ethnic dance, and Wanghongtai and People of Dingshi Mountain.


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