In Searching Of The Grand View Garden

Duration: 50 minutes

Concept: Willy TSAO

Choreographers: Willy TSAO and The Company

Visual: TAN Keam Beng, GAO Jie, GOH Boon Ann

Costume: Edmond WONG and Linda LEE


In Searching Of The Grand View Garden was premiered in August 25, 2006. Los City Center Square, USA


Chinese scholars have a romantic tradition of receding into a literary self-exile in search of transcendence. Such journeys are the inspiration for numerous classic Chinese poetry and travelogues. “Grand View Garden” is the compound in which the modern Chinese classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber is set.

Some time between now and the past, fourteen travelers arrive at a garden and are enchanted by the view. They start singing, dancing and reciting poetry. Inspired by imagination, the travelers assume the roles of imaginary characters. Amidst all the ambiguities of reality and fantasy, the travelers’ personal stories are revealed.

“(The dancers) tackle hefty ideasthrough graceful movements”———Los Angeles City News

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