Duration: 60 minutes

Choreographers: LIU Bin, XU Yi-ming and SONG Ting-ting

Lighting: Gozilla TAN


Snail was premiered in September 8, 2006. Beijing Oriental Pioneer Theatre


Many dreams can never be fulfilled

Many words can never be said

Many feelings can never be retrieved.

But life, somehow, is complete….

if we maintain the strength to make it so.

Snail is choreographed by three of China’s most up-and-coming choreographers. This innovative piece uses mime-inspired movement, provocative projections, and drawing. Despite much uncertainty, the piece has an overall sense of optimism conveyed through the gesture-filled choreography.

An unusual, clean and neat modern dance performance, presented audience with simple and smooth action and atmosphere. The dancers expressed what they want to express through their bodies and make life simple together with the audience.”  ————China Culture Daily


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