Earth / Quake

Duration: 60 minutes

Choreography: YANG Wei

Script: NI Nan

Music: KUY Tong, DING Mian

Lighting: WANG Rui-Guo, WANG Rui-Bao

Costume: Jemmy ZHANG


Earth / Quake was premiered in NOV.2015 PLA Theater.


Earth/Quake, a large-scale dance drama, is the first collaborative work between renowned choreographer YANG Wei and BeijingDance/LDTX. The work attempts to explore the complicated human hearts, and to depict the battle between light and darkness. Surrealistic approach, combined with a romantic touch, will overthrow the understanding of time and space, and create a stage with a unique viewpoint that links the cracking earth with quaking souls. Earth/Quake could be considered as a comedy of idealism and a devout visit of humanity.   


"The dance drama, Earth / Quake, is especially meaningful to the ecology of the dance creative field in China."------China Dance Magazine

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