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Selfless Selfie

Selfless Selfie


Recording is one function that everyone does since birth, from our names, our parent’s names, to objects around, happenings, ambience, every bits and pieces…  Our ways of making these recordings further confirm our progression, from pictures, words, sound to images…  It is as a whole picture would appear when all the pieces are stitched together.  Often it may seem like the truth but in actual may be a reflection of one’s subjective interpretation only.

As time goes on, our subjective recordings or memories continue to morph with secondary recordings and take on transformation.

Therefore, are records being used as a way to remember the present or to deceive the future?





   Choreography: WANG Yuan-qing

   Dancer(s):  LI Ke-hua, FAN Lu, Alexis KAM Hiu Lam, LIU Lang, TIAN Ru-meng, SUN Meng-yao, SUN Rui, Gunika (Trainee), MA Yue, YAN Han-yi, LIU Yang, FENG Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, MEN Da-cheng

   Lighting: LI Jun-long

   Stage Design: WANG Ying-lu

   Music: LIU Yi-wei

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